Aeropress Guide

The Aeropress is a solid piece of brewing equipment. It can give excellent results, ranging from espresso style coffee to filter/plunger style flavours. The solid build makes this unit a great travel companion. However and wherever you like to drink coffee, the Aeropress can deliver great results. Here is how to get the best out of your Aeropress:

Aeropress Guide

- Aeropress (including stirring paddle, plunger, plunger housing and filter holder)
- Kettle
- Filter papers/metal filter
- Cup or jug of at least 250mL capacity (make sure the aeropress sits on top of the cup comfortably before commencing)
- Fresh coffee (within 2 weeks of the roast date)
- Coffee grinder (or pre-ground coffee)
- Digital scales (can survive without)
- Measuring jug (at least 300mL)
- Stopwatch
- Patience, determination and a can-do attitude

Method: Please read instructions through before commencing as the process is quite involved. Don't worry, the reward is worth the effort.

Step 1
Disassemble your aeropress so that you have 3 parts (plunger, plunger housing and filter holder.

Step 2
Place the plunger section of the aeropress on the bench, facing upwards (numbers are upside down). Place the plunger housing over the plunger (also with its numbers upside down), so that the rubber seal sits just above the number 4.

Step 3
Grind 12 grams of coffee (if you do not have a grinder, skip this step) slightly coarser than an espresso grind. The coffee granules should resemble raw sugar, rather than flour (too fine) or whole pepper corns (too coarse)

Step 4
Place the 12 grams of ground coffee (approx 2 heaped tablespoons) into the pre-assembled aeropress using the funnel to help with spillage

Step 5
Measure 200mL of boiling water (ideally filtered) and pour it into the aeropress with the ground coffee

Step 6
Stir the coffee and water, with the aeropress paddle, until they are blended together

Step 7
Immediately start a 1 minute timer

Step 8
While the coffee brews in the aeropress, wet a filter paper and place it in the filter paper holder (if you are using a metal filter, you don't have to wet it)

Step 9
When the timer is up, secure the filter holder onto the aeropress, ensuring it is tightly sealed

Step 10
Carefully place the aeropress on top of your cup/jug (the aeropress funnel can be used for stability, as this step involves turning the unit upside down with water and coffee inside)

Step 11
With consistent pressure, gently press down on the plunger and push the water through the coffee, into your cup

Step 12


Aeropress is too difficult to plunge
- Use a coarser grind

Coffee is too strong
- Use less than 12 grams of coffee
- Use a coarser grind

Coffee is too weak
- Use more than 12 grams of coffee
- Use less than 200mL of water
- Use a finer grind
- Allow the coffee to brew for longer

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