Clever Brewing Guide

Clever is a handy pour over system. What makes it clever is a valve that denies the flow of water through the filter paper. This allows the coffee to brew for longer, increasing both extraction yield and body in the cup. This system gets the best of plunger and pour over styles in the one brewing tool. Here is a guide to how to get the best out of your Clever:

- Kettle
- Clever
- Filter papers
- Coffee cup of at least 300mL capacity (make sure the Clever sits on top of the cup comfortably before commencing)
- Fresh coffee (within 2 weeks of the roast date)
- Coffee grinder (or pre-ground coffee)
- Digital scales (can survive without)
- Table spoon
- Measuring jug (at least 300mL)
- Stopwatch
- Patience, determination and a can-do attitude

Method: Please read instructions through before commencing as the process is quite involved. Don't worry, the reward is worth the effort.

Step 1
Boil at least 1 litre of water in the kettle

Step 2
Place a filter paper into the Clever

Step 3
Wet the entire surface of the filter paper by pouring boiling water over it

Step 4
Once the filter paper has been saturated, drain the water out of the Clever by placing it on top of the coffee cup

Step 5
Once the water has drained, remove the Clever from the cup and place it on the bench

Step 6
Grind 16 grams of coffee (if you do not have a grinder, skip this step) slightly coarser than an espresso grind. The coffee granules should resemble white sugar, rather than flour (too fine) or whole pepper corns (too coarse)

Step 7
Place the 16 grams of ground coffee (approx 2 heaped tablespoons) into the pre-rinsed filter paper that is in the dripper

Step 8
Re-boil the kettle

Step 9
Pour about 300mL of the freshly boiled water into the measuring jug to pre-heat it

Step 10
Discard this water

Step 11
Measure 300mL of freshly boiled water in the pre-heated measuring jug

Step 12
Ensure the stopwatch is ready for use immediately following the next step

Step 13
Slowly pour the 300mL of water onto the ground coffee, trying to incorporate all the dry coffee grounds with the water

Step 14
Start the stopwatch

Step 15 Gently stir the coffee and water until they are blended together (be careful not to break the filter paper, but be sure to incorporate the coffee sitting at the bottom of the Clever)

Step 16
When the stopwatch reads 1:30min, place the Clever on top of your coffee cup

Step 17
Gently stir the brew for about 10 seconds, ensuring you incorporate the coffee ‘sludge’ at the bottom of the Clever

Step 18
Allow the coffee to pour through the Clever for 2 minutes. Lift the Clever from the cup At 3:30min

Step 19
Enjoy! (as the cup cools, the flavour of the coffee will be more apparent)


Coffee is too strong
- Use less than 16 grams of coffee
- Use more than 300mL of water
- Use a coarser grind

Coffee is too weak
- Use more than 16 grams of coffee
- Use less than 300mL of water
- Use a finer grind
- Allow the coffee to brew for longer
There is still alot of water left in the Clever at 3:30min
- Use a coarser grind

The Clever drained way before 3:30min
- The filter paper may be broken
- Use a finer grind

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