These are the guys and girls who help keep Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird going. They are the heart and soul of the business and without their loyalty and hard work we wouldn't be where we are today. Deano and Andy salute you.

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Where would we be without the crew that makes this place run? Well...I'm not too sure, but what I am sure about is that we wouldn't be where we are now. Andy and I (Dean) are always saying too each other how fortunate we are to have such a strong team of staff helping us with everything that is Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird.

Hamish Pope-1

Hamish (the HAMMER) Pope came to work with us in 2013 with a strong background in customer service and many many years working in some of the best establishments in Melbourne and New Zealand. Hammer has an old school work ethic, hard and fast. It is difficult to slow this guy down, he's an inspiration for the young starts in the industry. He has recently been promoted to Supervisor working closely with myself to help run the show. You may know him as the 'lord of the kids', they love him. The inner child in Hammer comes out when the littlies run through the cafe.


Jeremy Bethell came on board when we opened the cafe in 2010. Andy and I were really keen to have Jeremy work with us after seeing how skilful he was behind the coffee machine. He really is an asset to the business with his loyalty, attitude to work and willingness to help out when needed. His evocative, sometimes controversial views add much spice to the working day, polarising customers and evoking passionate discussion. Jeremy is now our main coffee roaster and has taken to the role like a duck to water. You rock.

Shaun McGeachin has been with the team since 2013 and is a stickler for detail and is ever keen to learn. He is one of our main baristas who has now started to roast coffee with Jeremy. Shaun also works closely with Dean to look after our wholesale customer list, including training, deliveries, machinery maintenance and all the other bits and bobs. Is there anything he can't do?

Our newest member of the team is Terry, who started this year. She is our quiet achiever who learns quickly and can make one of the best coffees ever. She balances out the boys extraverted personalities and injects a degree of humility into the business. Terry is our full time barista who is working closely with Andy to ensure our coffees are being presented the way they should.


You can thank this crew for your daily brew and keeping Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird rolling along its tracks. Thanks peeps, your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Dean and Andy