Black Blend (Medium Roast)
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Floral aroma, grape acidity, berry sweetness, creamy, rich and smooth.

Ethiopia Tade GG (Washed - Oromia - Shakiso)

Tade GG is a beautiful estate in Shakiso, Oromia. The owner, Tesfaye Bekele is a trained Agronomist and processes coffee with care and attention. He grows his own coffee trees as well as buying cherries from local farmers. When processing, lots are separated by the altitude at which the coffee trees have grown. Raised drying beds are covered with a black mesh that allows coffee parchment to dry evenly and slowly. The processed coffee parchment is spread very thinly across this mesh and is mixed often to keep the drying process even. Drying coffee is covered with mesh during the peak heat of the day, which prevents the parchment from cracking due to rapid heating. Everything about this estate screams ‘quality‘.

Ethiopia Wonberta (Unwashed - Oromia - Guji zone - Sarisaba Kercha)

Wonberta farm has consistently produced outstanding coffee. The cherries are bought from local markets as well as grown on their own farm. These cherries are picked ripe and left out to dry on raised drying beds. The coffee is spread out very sparingly to allow sufficient airflow between and around the cherries. The cherries are also covered with a shade cloth during the hottest part of the day, to keep the coffee from overheating. As the entire coffee fruit is left in tact, the coffee can easily taste fermenty if drying isn’t conducted in the correct way. The high altitude of the drying station makes for a more even drying due to the cool conditions, which allow these fruit flavours to shine through without taint.

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