Black Blend (Medium Roast)
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This blend is fruity and sweet.



This is a blend of two stunning coffees from Ethiopia. The coffees of Ethiopia are famous for their complexity and intensity, which is due to the great biodiversity found amongst its coffee trees. High elevations and nutrient rich soil make Ethiopia an ideal coffee growing region.

This blend combines a washed and an unwashed coffee. The washed coffee brings the brightness and sweetness and the unwashed coffee adds complexity and fruitiness.


Tade GG (Washed - Shakiso, Guji)

Tade GG is a beautiful estate in Shakiso, Guji. The owner, Tesfaye Bekele, is a trained Agronomist and processes coffee with great care and attention. He grows his own coffee trees and also buys cherries from local farmers. Everything about this estate screams quality. His washed coffees are highly desirable for their brightness, sweetness and complexity of flavour.


Sibu (Unwashed - Hambella, Guji)

This coffee is made up of small lots from farmers in the Hambella sub-region of

Guji. It is processed naturally, which means the cherries are hand-picked when ripe and placed directly onto raised drying beds. This process enables the coffee fruit to have a greater influence on the flavour of the coffee bean and adds the rich, fruity character to the coffee.

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