Burundi Nzove (Medium Roast)
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This coffee is bright and sweet.



This coffee comes from Nzove Washing Station in the town of Mwumba in the Ngozi coffee growing region of Burundi. Coffee in Burundi is mostly grown by smallholder farmers growing an average of 200 trees each. The trees are mostly made up of the Bourbon variety. Although a great variety for producing delicious coffee at decent yields, the trees were commonly planted over 50 years ago. The ageing root stock is less able to produce high quality fruit that is disease resistant. The fear for the small farmers is that if they decide to rip up the trees and plant new ones, there is a 3-4 year gap in production. Greenco, who own and operate Nzove Washing Station have bought seeds from the Institut des Sciences Agronomiques du Burundi (ISABU) and have grown them into seedlings, which they can then sell to farmers at or below cost to encourage them to replenish their crop.

This coffee is processed like most coffees from Burundi, using the washed method. After cherries are sorted and sorted and sorted again, they are pulped, fermented and dried, ready for export.

The washed process used for this coffee shows off the bright and sweet flavour profile of the Bourbon variety.

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