Colombia Camila Gomez (Medium Roast)
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This coffee is clean, balanced and sweet.



This coffee comes from Camila Gomez, a passionate coffee farmer in Nariño, Colombia. Nariño is known throughout the coffee industry for its ability to produce outstanding coffee. Coffee farmers around the world seek land that has large differences in temperature between days and nights, that avoids frost and has high altiude. Nariño has it all.

This coffee is processed by Camila Gomez and her family. The coffee cherries are picked with the utmost care and attention placed on ensuring an even level of ripeness. Once the ripe cherries are picked, they’re placed in a dry, covered tank for 32 hours before being pulped. This method is similar to the carbonic maceration method used in the wine-making industry. It helps to ferment the fruit evenly, almost from the inside out, as opposed to open-air, or aerobic, fermentation methods, where the coffee cherries can become over fermented on the outside before the middle of the fruit catches up.

The washed process, including a period of dry anaerobic fermentation, used for this coffee shows off the full spectrum of flavour available from the Caturra variety. It is luciously sweet and balanced.

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