Colombia Fabian Zapata (Filter roast)
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Fragrance: Cola | Floral | Sweet

Aroma: Chocolate | Caramel | Nuts

Flavour: Caramel | Nuts | Citrus

Variety: Castillo

Processing: Washed

This small lot was produced by Fabian Zapata and his son. A beautiful example of how a washed coffee can be just as fruity as a natural coffee but in a more delicate way. This lot underwent a 30 hour period of dry fermentation. This method of fermentation not only increases the speed of the process but saves water too. After 30 hours the coffee is rinsed and placed into parabolic dryers. A parabolic dryer is like a greenhouse for drying coffee. They have a translucent ceiling, which shelters the coffee from the midday sun and keeps the warmth in after dark. They often have raised drying beds inside, which help to maximise airflow around the drying coffee. Even and slow drying is good drying.

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