Colombia Luz Dary Polo (Filter roast)
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Fragrance: Chocolate | Sweet | Pear

Aroma: Cocoa | Nuts | Citrus

Flavour: Sweet | Chocolate | Nuts





This lovely Caturra coffee was grown and processed at Finca La Esperanza by Luz Dary Polo. The farm is in Pitalito, Huila, in the South of Colombia. Huila is known for producing high grade coffees with an extended harvest season due to its myriad micro-climates, each with their own distinct set of climatic conditions. This area is quite appealing to coffee farmers as it allows a steady income across the year, rather than one lump sum post harvest.

The Caturra cherries were picked at their ripest, pulped as soon as possible and then left in a dry tank for 30 hours. Once this fermentation was complete, the coffee was then dried further in a shaded structure called a parabolic dryer. This allows the coffee to reach is desired moisture level of 10% in a controlled fashion, without worrying about weather conditions.

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