Colombia Oscar Jojoa (Filter roast)
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Fragrance: Sweet | Floral | Apple

Aroma: Citrus | Chocolate | Tea

Flavour: Nuts | Apple | Floral



Tabi is one of the many hybrid varieties of coffee appearing on the market. It is actually a mix of a Catimor (Caturra x Timor) with Bourbon and Typica. That’s right, a hybrid of a hybrid. Catimor is a mix of Robusta and Arabica species and enables Tabi higher disease resistance and yield. The Typica and Bourbon varieties bring sweetness and complexity.

This coffee was pulped within 12 hours of picking. It was then fermented without water for 30 hours. This is a long period for a dry fermented coffee. Over-fermentation was avoided by covering the coffee during this period, in order to restrict the amount of air available to it. It was then put out to dry on raised beds, which aid a slow and even drying of the parchment coffee.

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