Ethiopia Tade GG Honey (Espresso Roast)
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Fragrance: Rich | Sweet | Honey

Aroma: Chocolate | Caramel | Honey

Flavour: Toffee | Honey | Citrus






In the Honey Process, coffee cherries are pulped, removing the outer sjin but leaving the mucialge in tact. The sticky coffee is then dried. The mucilage is the part of the coffee fruit with the highest moisture and sugar content. If the region is quite humid, the sticky coffee can take too long to dry resulting in mouldy parchment coffee rather than dry coffee. If done properly, as this one is, the coffee will have slightly reduced acidity and elevated body and sweetness when compared to the washed version.

If you would like to order more than 10kg of coffee, please get in contact with our wholesale team on 0451 124 124.

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