Ethiopia Tade GG Natural (Espresso Roast)
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Fragrance: Floral | Berries | Watermelon

Aroma: Fruity | Bright | Wine

Flavour: Wine | Creamy | Sweet





In the Natural method, cherries are picked at their ripest and dried whole. This is the most risky type of processing as there is a high probability of mould and boozey, fermenty flavours. The process requires no water and is therefore the only option for a lot of farmers. If it is done correctly, which involves almost constant stirring of the slowly drying cherries, the coffee can exhibit bold fruity flavours with increased acidity and body. Once the cherries are dried, the fruit is removed through a process called “Hulling”. Hulling machines can easily damage the coffee seeds as they crush the hardened fruit with the seeds still inside. Some mills set the machines at a very gentle setting and run the coffee through twice.

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