Ethiopia Tade GG Washed (Espresso Roast)
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Fragrance: Sweet | Clean | Floral

Aroma: Sweet | Caramel | Fruity

Flavour: Nuts | Cola | Cocoa





In the Washed method, cherries are picked at their ripest. The outer skin of the fruit is removed (AKA Pulped). The now-exposed sticky mucilage layer is next to be removed. The sticky coffee can either be soaked
in water (Fully Washed) or left dry in a tank (Semi-Washed) in order to remove the mucilage from the parchment. Once the mucilage has broken down and is easily removable from the parchment, the coffee seeds (still inside their protective parchment layer) are laid out to dry. This is referred to as “parchment coffee”. The drying process can be done on raised drying beds covered in canvas or on concrete patios. Sometimes, after the parchment coffee is partially dried, it is placed in mechanical drying machines to accurately finish the job. The parchment coffee is stored until the time of export and is then “Hulled”, which removes the parchment layer from the seeds.

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