Kenya Imara (Light roast)
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This coffee is bright and sweet.



This coffee comes from Kenya’s Central Province. The word “Imara” is a Swahili word that translates to “solid” or “stable”, which not only describes the quality of this coffee but the Kenyan coffee industry as a whole. All coffees bought and sold in Kenya go through an auction system that rewards quality with high prices. Kenyan coffee is a favourite of many coffee professionals. The distinctly bright flavour profiles are thanks to the soil, varieties planted and especially the long fermentation periods that the coffees undergo.

The washed process involves ripe cherries being pulped to remove the fruit from the seed. This is followed by a period of fermentation, which aids the breakdown and removal of a sticky mucilage layer that is attached to the seed. Once the mucilage has been removed, the coffee is then dried and stored awaiting hulling, which removes the final protective parchment layer from the green bean.

The washed process lets the brightness and sweetness of this coffee shine.

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