Kenya Ndunda (Light roast)
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This coffee is floral, bright and sweet.



This coffee comes from Ndunda Washing Station (Factory) in Embu County, Kenya. All coffees bought and sold in Kenya go through an auction system that rewards quality with high prices. Kenyan coffees have a distinctly bright and floral flavour profile. The unique cup profile is due to a combination of factors including soil type, varieties planted and long fermentation periods.

Ripe coffee cherries are picked by local farmers and delivered to Ndunda factory that same day. The coffee is meticulously sorted ensuring that only ripe, undamaged cherries are processed. Once sorted, the cherries are pulped and then separated by density. The mucilage covered parchment coffee is then fermented overnight in water-filled tanks. Skilled staff oversee fermentation, checking regularly to ensure the process is halted at just the right moment. The coffee is then rinsed and moved to raised drying beds, where it is dried in the sun for 10 to 18 days. The coffee is turned constantly to promote even drying. Any remaining defective beans are removed by hand.

The washed process with a long period of wet fermentation enhances the floral, bright and sweet flavour profile of this coffee.

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