PNG Baroida (Light roast)
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This coffee is creamy and sweet.



This coffee is processed at Baroida Estate in the Eastern Highlands of PNG. The estate is owned and operated by the Colbran family. The name comes from the Baroida spirit, believed by locals to reside in a large river rock sitting in one of the main rivers flowing through the estate. This particular rock, has stubbornly remained in the middle of the river for as long as anybody can remember, refusing to budge through the most severe floods, even when other rocks have been washed away.

The coffee cherries are sorted meticulously before being pulped on disk pulpers. The mucilage covered parchment coffee is then dry-fermented in vats for 36 hours. When the fermentation process is complete, water is pumped into the vats in a circular motion, which naturally agitates the coffee and removes any remaining mucilage. Coffee is then sundried on raised tarps, where it is turned regularly to ensure even drying.

This is a great example of a sweet cup of coffee uninhibited by flavours produced by the processing method itself.

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