Coffee At Home Survival Pack

However you drink coffee, this survival pack has you covered.

With 250g of both of our house blends and a handy grinder, your beans and coffee have never been fresher at home or more personalised.
Grinding your coffee just before you make it is the only way to go. And you can adjust the setting so the coffee is just the way you like it. And here’s your PRO TIP > The finer the grind, the stronger the coffee. 
When you’re ordering, let us know how you make coffee at home (eg. plunger, stove top or espresso etc.) and we’ll send you a sample of how to grind for that use. If you don’t currently have something to make the perfect cup of coffee with, we also have a range of coffee making equipment designed for different coffee preferences and lifestyles. So add some equipment to your order and enjoy delicious coffee at home, just the way you like it.

Your survival kit Includes:

1 x 250g bag of White Blend coffee
1 x 250g bag of Black Blend coffee
1 x Mini Porlex II Hand Grinder




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