Stäk by argodesign

An industrial designer at argodesign saw an opportunity to improve upon the cumbersome and messy immersion brewing process he and his wife used every morning. Leaning into our Think By Making mantra, our team at argo knew there had to be a better way. With our collective expertise we sought out to make a great immersion brewer with fewer parts, that would answer a real need, and last a lifetime. The solution we crafted is simple, delightful, and beautiful.

Your favorite cup of coffee.

Stäk coffee is rich and full-flavored without the sludge, sediment, or mess. Whether you’re looking for a bright or savory cup, a simple “warm me up”, or you need something full octane, Stäk delivers every time.

Precise control of your brew.

Stäk uses a deceptively simple method to create the perfect cup of coffee. The magic lies in what we call the rivet, our discrete technology that lives at the heart of each brewer. This allows you full control of the process, brewing to your preference and preventing over-extraction.

Beautiful design.

A perfect balance of aesthetics and simplicity, the Stäk immersion brewer is a conversation starter you will proudly display for a lifetime. Hand-crafted heritage stoneware honors the timeless traditions and rituals deeply ingrained in the world of coffee. Each Stäk is totally unique, with delightful imperfections and subtle asymmetry.

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