Brazil Rancho Sao Benedito (Espresso Roast)
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Fragrance: Floral | Sweet | Candy

Aroma: Sweet | Caramel

Flavour: Caramel | Elegant | Sweet



We have bought coffee from Mauricio for a few years now. It is always clean and sweet with this year being the best we’ve tried. Andy recently visited Mauricio’s beautiful Estate, which has been growing coffee since 1954. The area of Carmo de Minas has had lots of success in the Cup of Excellence competitions over the years and having travelled there, it’s obvious to see why. High altitude, great soil and great people make a solid foundation for delicious coffee.

This particular lot is an excellent example of a clean, high grown coffee from Mantiqueira de Minas. It contains cherries that are picked ripe, then sun dried on patios for up to 30 days depending on the weather. Hulling machinery is then used to remove the cherry and the husk, creating a sweet, yet consistently clean and vibrant cup that’s different to the traditional flavour profile we expect from a natural processed coffee from Brazil.

If you would like to order more than 3kg of coffee, please get in contact with our wholesale team on 03 9596 4186.

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