Burundi Mugirampeke (Light roast)
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This coffee is fruity and sweet.



This coffee comes from Mugirampeke Central Washing Station, which is located in the town of Tangara in the Ngozi coffee growing region of Burundi. The Washing Station purchases cherries from local farmers and processes them at Mugirampeke.

All cherries bought by Mugirampeke are first floated in water filled buckets to separate dense, healthy cherries from the “floaters” (damaged, unripe etc.). After the floatation sorting, the cherries are sorted again by hand in order to separate the best from the rest. After hand-sorting, and within 6 hours of arrival at the washing station, the cherries are further separated during pulping with the help of a special separating disc that is fitted to the pulping machine. This disc separates cherries by density. Once puiped, the coffee is fermented in tanks of water until trained Agronomists are satisfied that the fermentation process is complete. The parchment coffee is then pushed through water channels to clean off the degraded mucilage and to further sort the coffee by density. The heaviest coffee beans sink to the bottom of the water channel and get stopped by wooden bars placed at different height levels throughout the channels. Lighter beans flow over the wooden bars and are separated into different tanks.

This meticulous washed process ensures a consistently clean and sweet cup of coffee.

If you would like to order more than 3kg of coffee, please get in contact with our wholesale team on 0451 124 124.
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