Burundi Yandaro (Espresso Roast)
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Fragrance: Sweet | Floral | Melon

Aroma: Caramel | Sweet | Chocolate

Flavour: Sweet | Melon | Citrus



This particular lot was produced by Fidencio Ordonez. Cherries are picked at their peak ripeness before being exposed to a 30 hour period of dry fermentation. This means that the coffee cherries are left to sit in a tank without being covered by water. This allows the fruit to influence the flavour of the coffee seeds before being pulped. After 30 hours the coffee fruit is removed from the seeds, which are then spread across a concrete patio to dry. The coffee is spread thinly and stirred regularly to ensure a slow and even drying.

This coffee is rich and sweet with flavours of nuts and caramel.

If you would like to order more than 3kg of coffee, please get in contact with our wholesale team on 03 9596 4186.
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