Coffee is our heart and soul and we get great pleasure out of sharing our coffee experiences with you. Whether you like filter or espresso coffee, we’d love to taste some with you. Our food menu is simpleand light with a focus on fresh, quality produce. See our latest menus to see what we do:

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Dean and Andy have a simple coffee philosophy; if it isn’t the best it can be, they won’t serve it. In creating Omar’s, they’ve built a place where there is absolutely no compromise on quality. A place for coffee enthusiasts to rejoice, and for those wishing to broaden their appreciation of coffee to learn.

At Omar’s, we measure success by the quality of the beans we roast and the drinks we serve. We love to discuss your likes and dislikes because once we understand what you’re looking for in a coffee, we are confident we’ll be able to provide you with a product that satisfies and impresses. Nothing brings us greater joy than using the nuances of our craft to bring coffee drinkers exciting new experiences.

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